Friday 26 February 2016

The Body Shop mini haul

Long time no blog! I am very sorry but I'm sadly not putting blogging as my priority right now since I am studying, a lot! In these past weeks that I have been away, I got a call from the Hilton Hotel and I have an interview next week which is so exciting!
So today as a treat for myself I bought three items from The Body Shop, I'm kind of obsessed with this shop right now. 

Tea tree pore minimiser- This is a repurchase. My skin hasn't been so oily since I have been using this, it costs 11.50 which isn't that much. It lasted me for four months which is quite good, I recommend this to all those who have oily skin.

Moringa hand cream- The body shop hand creams are my favourites. They smell heavenly, leave your hands very soft and have a cute packaging. I have never bought this hand cream before because I had the Wild Argan oil one, which is also very good. This costs 4.95.

Coconut cream body scrub- I have been wanting to try a body scrub for a while now and this had some good reviews so I decided to give it a go. It smells so good that I want to eat it! The spatula also came free with it which is nice. This costs 12.90 which might be a little pricey.

Have you got any of these items and what are you favourite Body Shop items?

Stay fabulous,


  1. It's normal to keep time for studying, I hope this is going well! :) the coconut body scrub must smell amazing, this is the type of product I need! (although most of the time I'm too lazy to exfoliate my skin :P)

    Julia x
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    1. Thanks and yes it smells so good I want to eat it! I have never exfoliated my skin before so I hope this goes well :P

  2. I definitely want to try the body scrub. It looks so nice! And I'm always looking for new ones (addicted). Good review!


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