Saturday 19 September 2015

Back to school wishlist

Back to school

Sadly, school will be starting soon for me (12 more days of freedom left) so I thought it would be better to plan which items I have to add to my Winter wardrobe which will be appropriate for school.

  • The first thing that is on my wishlist is sweaters. I love sweaters because I am a person who feels very cold in Winter and a sweater helps to keep me warm and cozy.
  • I would love to buy a dainty layered necklace because they add an extra touch to any outfit.
  • Another thing that I have to buy is chelsea boots, Personally, I think that they look very stylish and comfortable.
  • An essential thing to any wardrobe is a pair of jeans. I already own a lot of different shades of blue jeans, but not any black jeans so I have to make sure to buy one!
  • I also would love to buy a sweater coat, because they are perfect for Winter.
  • The last thing that I need to buy is a pair of good earphones, since my last beloved pair from London which lasted for 2 years broke :'(

What's on your back to school wishlist?

Stay Fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. Good luck for school, still a few free days to enjoy! ;) That jumper is really cool. For autumn I really want a new berry lipstick, that's my obsession at the moment! :P

    Julia xx
    | |

    1. Thanks and a berry lipstick is a must! I love the one I bought from Stradivarius called Deep Red, but it's a very nice berry colour.

  2. Great post!!!I like your blog!!!Wanna follow each other??let me know and i follow you back!!!kiss

  3. Oooh those jeans!! I need them!

  4. The chunky burgundy jumper looks great - the perfect item to wear with jeans and boots throughout Autumn!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  5. I saw those boots in New Look and I fell in love with them! The coat looks like something I would definitely wear so I will look for one in that style. Lovely selection ^-^

    Sarah |

  6. That grey sweater coat is like my dream come true!

    Bethany | xx


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