Friday 18 December 2015

Hair-o-scope | Madison Reed

Hi there! So on I recently discovered that you can see your Hair-o-scope and decided to share mine with you.
 I am an Aries, so of course I read my own sign's Hair-o-scope. The first thing that is written on the sign is that an Aries person is fiery and competitive. I have to agree with this because I am quiet fiery and very very competitive!

The next thing that is written on the sign is what is a good hair day for me. According to my Hair-o-scope it's when my hair is sleek and controlled. Once again, I agree with this because when my hair is wavy and all messed up it makes me want to shave my hair all off, but when it's blow dried it makes me feel much better about myself.

The last thing that is written on the sign is a brilliant hair tip for me, to keep my energy positive with rich tones. Rich tones are dark brown and dark red hair colours and these two colours do suite me the best.

What was written in full about the Aries Hair-o-scope:

Aries (March 21 - April 20)
It’s no mistake that you’re one of the fire signs, awe-inspiring Aries. Ruled by the planet of energy and the mythological god of war, you were born to be fierce. You shine in the spotlight, and everyone wants you on their team (they certainly don’t want to be your opponent!).
Keep that energy positive by adding rich, vibrant tones to your luscious mane. They’ll showcase the depth and dimension you have in spades. Or channel that prima donna ballerina discipline and pull it all back into a sleek side bun for days when nothing should get in your way.
This Hair-o-scope was quiet accurate for me and I suggest that you go check out your Hair-o-scope

Also, Madison Reed has this fun hair dye advisor quiz that helps you choose what colour is best for you.

Do you agree with your Hair-o-scope?

Stay fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. Oh how fun! Just checked mine and it seemed very fitting! Gemma xx

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