Thursday 17 December 2015

My trip to Italy #2

On the 13th December we woke up to take the train to Lucca.

I had never been on a train before so I was quiet excited. After about 40mins we arrived at Lucca, it was very very cold and looked like a ghost town.

We walked in the narrow streets and it felt like we were in some medieval city. The atmosphere here was totally different from that in Pisa.

We went into a small café where we drank some hot drinks to keep ourselves warm. After that we went out and continued walking. All of the streets had small shops in them with toys, art and food but I didn’t find anything that I really liked so I didn’t buy anything.

Lucca is sort of Mdina in Malta, because they are both very old cities and very quiet.

After we had spent hours walking in these old streets we made our way to the Guinigi tower, a tower with trees on top. We payed 4euros to go in and we saw how many stairs we had to climb we were shocked. There was a never ending staircase and when you reached the top the staircase was a little dangerous and there wasn’t a lot of space.

When we walked out on the roof all those steps where worth it. We could see Lucca beneath us and it was such a beautiful experience. The trees on the roof where also very bizarre.

After we spent sometime taking in the view we made our way back to the train station.

We spotted a park with orange trees and autumn leaves everywhere so we stopped to take some pictures there since in Malta we don’t have this.

When we arrived back in Pisa we went to this restaurant that was very close to our apartment where we ate this delicious pizza.

Lucca was a nice experience but if I go back to Italy I don’t think that I will visit it again because it was to0 quiet and sort of a ghost town.

Stay fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. Lucca does seem like a very quiet town! And the grey weather doesn't make it better :( but I guess it was nice for you to see things that you don't have in Malta! Bigger cities have a more exciting and fun atmosphere, if you ever have the chance to go somewhere else in Italy! :)

    Julia x
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    1. I did go to Florence while I was there, I will be writing about it in #3 :)

  2. Wow Italy sounds lovely, hope you have an amazing time:) Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)



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