Saturday 10 October 2015

6 things to do on a rainy day

Finally the weather in Malta is cooling down and we even had some rain! Unlike most of the people here in Malta I love Autumn and Winter and the rain because they relax me and I always get more work done when it's raining.
Here are some fun things one can do when it's raining and if there is a powercut (one of the most horrible things ever!).

1.) Play some board games with your family or friends. This is quite a fun thing to do and you get to bond with the people around you.

2.) Read a good book. I am a bookworm so reading is one thing I do everyday, but there is something extra special when reading and you have the rain as your soundtrack :)

3.) Play and cuddle with your pet. Pets are the most amazing cuddle buddies and they keep you warm 

4.) Watch lots and lots of movies! Watching your favourite movies will always make you feel better if the rain is making you feel down and you can just sit down and relax.

5.) Paint! If you love to paint or draw do so. The rain inspires me so my paintings always come out better when it's raining outside.

6.) Drink lots of hot things! Hot chocolate, tea and coffee are a hug in a mug 

 These are my favourite things that I like to do on a rainy day, what are yours?

Stay fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. I too love autumn and winter because when you're at home, it gets all cosy and you can chill watching films with a hot chocolate - I love to combine these two things you mentioned!
    Instead of painting, if you're rubbish at drawing like me, it can be nice to get a colouring book. There are so many different ones now, and it's super relaxing and satisfying to do some colouring!

    Julia xx
    | |

  2. I love watching movies on rainy days♥

  3. I love to read on a rainy day as well I also love watching disney movies and eating chinese food.
    Nice post :)xx

    1. Disney movies and chinese food are the best! X


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