Friday 30 October 2015

My October shopping haul!

 October has come to an end, which only means one thing, Christmas is getting closer and closer! (Yay!!!!) So this month I bought a few items which make me so happy:)

1.) I finally bought the first book in the Song of ice and fire book series, Game of Thrones! I read all the books in my house that I could find just to buy this book. The series Game of Thrones is one of my favourites so I thought that it was about time that I read the books.

2.) The second book that I bought well, my parents bought it for me, is The forest of serenity which is a meditative art therapy book. I love drawing and colouring so this is the perfect way for me to unwind when I'm really stressed or upset.

3.) I needed some fall nail polishes, so these two nail polishes by catrice and essence where perfect. Red I am by essence is a deep red, my favourite colour, so it's very obvious why I chose it. The quality is also very good and I think that it's the perfect fall colour. The second nail polish that I purchased is Captain Sparrow's boat, I love a grey/silver nail polish so this is perfect and I also really love catrice nail polishes.

4.) Hugo Boss deep red shower gel is a gift that my friend got me from Milan. It smells so divine and I just want to smell it all day!

5.) The last item that I'm going to talk about is these cute earbuds. The come with a little macaroon case in which you can out them. I found this very useful since they don't get tangled in my school bag.

Have a nice weekend and happy halloween!

Stay fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. Yes for Christmas! :P
    The Forest of Serenity book seems to be amazing, I love the concept of adult colouring books. The earbugs are so cute!

    Julia xx
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