Sunday 18 October 2015

My favourite apps

My mobile phone is something that I can't live without. Not only because I can communicate with my friends and family in the blink of an eye but also because it's a great way to pass the time.
In this blog post I am going to write about my favourite apps right now and why I love them :)


 Amazon Kindle is a must for us book lovers. You can download any book that you like and then read it whenever and wherever you want. This app is perfect when travelling because you don't have to take a heavy book with you.


Podcast Addict is an app that I recently discovered. You can listen to all kind of podcasts on it, so far I am loving the Myths and Legends ones. They aren't very long and are very enjoyable to listen too.


Instagram is a must have app for any blogger. It's one of the best photo editor apps out there in my opinion, and it's also fun to see what all of your friends and favourite celebrities or bloggers are posting.


 Dreamdays is a countdown app. I find this very useful especially when I am counting down for my birthday or a holiday.


Smule is a very fun and entertaining karaoke app. You get to sing with other people and if you like the recording that you do you can publish it so other people can listen to it. This is a lot of fun to do with your friends to have a good laugh.

Snapchat is an app where you get to post photos or short videos. The new added filters make everything funnier, and this is a fun way to communicate with your friends.

What are your favourite apps?

Stay fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. I just love Instagram and Kindle. Great apps! Gemma xx

  2. I'm literally obsessed with your phone cover!!! Where did you get it from?

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    1. Thank you I got it from Ebay ( and I will definitely enter your giveaway xx

  3. My favourite are definitely Instagram, snapchat and kindle ! I'm trying to use Twitter a bit more but I find it so hard haha !


    1. Me too, i dont really like twitter for some reason.


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