Tuesday 10 November 2015

Autumn's old family tradition

Every November my extended family and I go to my aunt's house in Bahrija (a small village in Malta) to celebrate the feast of St.Martin and my grandma's birthday, which was on the 8th November.

When we meet up we always bring lots of food with us and this time my aunt cooked Pork cheeks, which was something I didn't eat because it kind of disgusted me. After we all ate and were full to the brim we went in the town's square to see the feast but there weren't many people so instead we went for a little hike.

The scenery was spectacular and we even found a little stream which was beautiful. Walking in nature has recently become a hobby of mine because it's good to just appreciate the nature around you.

After we were all tired of walking we returned back to my aunt's home where we indulged in even more sweets and cakes.

Do you have any family tradition?

Stay fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. Thats great to meet all the family together, how lovely, we just meet at Xmas, last Xmas we did a Road trip together which it was great!
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  2. It is so nice to have family celebrations like that! You get to hike in the most wonderful landscapes and in a beautiful weather, I'm jealous! Pork cheeks don't sound too appealing it's true haha :P that cake is so cute!
    Funnily enough I do have a family tradition on All Saints Day that I'm going to share on my blog next week! :)

    Julia xx
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