Saturday 14 November 2015

Colour changing nailpolish | Born Pretty Store

Hi there! In this blog post I will be reviewing the second item that I received from Born Pretty Store, which is the colour changing nailpolish!

I decided to pick this item because a nailpolish that changed colour in different temperatures sounded very interesting to me. I chose the shade 05, which is a dark glittery purple shade that changes into pink.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical on whether it would change colour or not, but I loved the normal violet shade so if it didn't change colour it wasn't going to bother me that much. 

When I was taking a shower was the first time that I saw it change from violet to pink and I literally screamed in surprise! It was so cool to see the nailpolish change colour infront of my eyes and it sort of looked like a galaxy on my fingernails.

I will definitely recommend this nailpolish to everyone because it's of high quality and it's very different to have colour changing nailpolish, my friends and family all loved it!



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Have you ever tried any similar nailpolish?

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  1. Hi Yasmine,
    Wow this is so cool! I've heard of colour-changing nail polish too but I never realised that it would actually work! I might have to give one a try and buy one myself!
    Georgia xxx

  2. This sounds fab! I've always wanted colour changing nailpolishes but wasn't sure if they would work. The purple to pink colour change sounds AMAZING! Both my favourite colours! x


    1. I was surprised that they actually work! You should definitely try it!

  3. Fantastic! The colour changes, this is fun and I love both colours


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