Friday 27 November 2015

My Christmas wishlist!

Hi guys, so in Malta it finally feels like Winter and this got me in the mood to write my Christmas wishlist!

1.) Earth charm. I recently bought a soufeel charm bracelet and would love to add more charms to it. I would like this one because I love travelling and would love to travel the world one day.

2.) Jumping dolphin charm. My mother's favourite animal is a dolphin, so this charm will always remind me of my mother.

3.) Leaning tower of pisa charm. In 15 days I am going to Pisa and I am sure that I'm going to make loads of new memories there so this charm will help me to remember them.

4.) Zoella beauty wonder hand cream. I have been wanting to try something from Zoella's range for a long time and this hand cream sounds perfect.

5.) Iphone 6. I would really to upgrade my Samsung S4 to an Iphone 6, but this is just wishful thinking for now.

6.) Black lace dress. My father bought me this dress today and I am so excited for it to arrive. I think that it's the perfect New years eve dress and I love how it's sexy yet feminine.

7.) Enchanted apple victoria's secret body mist. I've heard about how much these mists smell good and I love the smell of apples so this would be perfect.

What's ony your wishlist?

Stay fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. The tower of Pisa charm is so cute! I'm not a fan of charm bracelets usually, but the ones you'd like are really nice - I love the theme going on! Also, the Enchanted Apple body mist must smell amazing!
    I haven't thought about my wishlist yet, but I'd love to try out a Laura Mercier body soufflé, I've been craving for them lately!

    Julia x
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  2. That charm is so cute! I am asking for the Zoella hand cream too, it sounds amazing. I also used to have the Samsung Galaxy S4 but I got an iPhone 6 for my birthday, so worth it!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. Thank you :) and you are so lucky to get the iPhone 6 x

  3. love your list! i too am hoping for a new iphone! and those pandora beads are so so cute!

  4. that charm is lovely. I would love to upgrade my phone too but just like you said #wishfulthinking


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