Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hair makeover!

the first and last photos are before, the middle one is the after :)
Hi Guys! So yesterday I decided to change my hair completely, and I have to admit that I went crying at home like a crazy person after my appointment ended.

From red hair, I now have dip dyed hair. I told my hairdresser to do an ombre, where the colours fade into each other but the end result is not like that at all it just goes from dark brown to an orange colour.

Some of my friends hate it, while others love it so I don't know what to think of it just yet. I might change it back in a few weeks.

What is your opinion, do you prefer how it was before or now?

Stay fabulous,
Y xoxo


  1. aww thats so so pretty!

  2. I actually really like the look! If it's not how you wanted though - definitely go back!

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